Two years after the founding of the Bazillus (1969), I launched the first Bazillus project with various musicians: the "Wiebelfetzer Workshop I" in 1971. This resulted in "Kreismusik", later followed by “Wiebelfetzer Workshops 2+3”.

It was always important to me that certain musicians from the respective scene could get involved in the Bazillus clubs in the form of workshops or ad hoc groups at short notice.

The «Bazillus Musikrestaurant» was a club where I only booked bands. In the “Bazillus / Hotel Hirschen” (1984-87) the “Notorious Rhythmic Meeting 1+2” and a Bazillus book followed. In B-Flat II (1990) we had the first organized sessions and as a result the LP “The B-Flat Live Mix”. At the same time we produced the studio product, the CD "Extemporaneous" with Eddie Harris, among others.

Things really got going in “B-Flat III” and the last “Bazillus ad hoc live club” at Ausstellungsstrasse 21. Various workshops and a CD with Jean-Paul Bourelly “CutMotion” with local musicians. Two workshops with Gene Perla & Steve Grossman. Other internal projects such as “Share The Stage”, “M.O.B.” (Mix Of Beats). As residents, the musicians began with recurring projects: 23x Tronic Repoblic (lead Valentin Bächi), Freeform Arkestra, Arkstar (Nico Canzoniere / Dario De Nicola), 7x Vault (Dominik Burkhalter), Dee Day Dub, 3 D Sound Lab (Alexis Amitirigala / Manu Rindlisbacher), ProRecTor (Stoffner / Götte), Ethnotronical Junk Funk (Eric Hunziker), Tomasi / Di Katz (Balint & Marton Dobozi), Der Grosse Bär (Roberto Domeniconi), etc. Then finally the summarizing Bazillus-Music player at